Evangelization and Educational Work in Tanzania

  • Evangelization and Educational Work in Tanzania

    Within the framework of the initiative Pro Mission, students are participating in evangelistic trips in their home country and abroad. There, they are involved in preparation, execution and postprocessing of evangelistic events in their student teams. Thus, they can experience the necessity of processive working, the steps that people take in their decision for baptism and the challenges usually linked with this kind of projects (e.g. of intercultural nature.) Feelings of success, as well as difficulties are offering the chance to learn how mission can work and what part the participants play in the process.
    One of the study trips, ADIMIS regularly conducts takes place in Tanzania. Also here, evangelistic meetings are held, in which the students actively are involved. As a result of this program, two churches have grown and nine more church plantings are currently taking place. The mission trips help in the development of the students, as they are given a room for experience, where they can undergo important lessons for their future service as pastors: work in challenging circumstances, evangelization and intercultural ministry.

    The long cooperation of the FAU students with the native Masai and other organizations includes alongside proactive church planting two more, important areas of life: the wholistic improvement of the social circumstances of the people and the enabling to access education.

    Thanks to the active support of the locals, there are now seven schools in the area, enabling 400 children to access education. Numerous Masai villages are providing the preconditions for this. They are paying teachers, are sending their children to school. By this ministry more and more children can step their knowledge up. In the schools, they get a warm meal every day and also receive pastoral care.

     The surgeon Stephan Rudolph from Magdeburg voluntary accompanies the project regularly. Together with his changing team, he conducts examinations in the schools and offers medical help. About 90 percent of the children and young adults are suffering with bronchial disease, especially with bronchitis. The team has essentially improved the situation in three villages, to provide the children with a dust free environment as good as possible, in order to help them recover.

    In the eleven villages, the institute has been working with, Masai are regularly organizing welcome feasts and collective meals with the representatives of ADIMIS. This shows, how strong the bond of mutual trust and friendship between the locals and the FAU students and teachers has become over the years.

    For more information regarding the project, see: https://maasai.info/de/

    2020. July 01.
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    2020. July 01.