Visiting Karao Adventist Pre- and Primary School

  • Visiting Karao Adventist Pre- and Primary School

    From mid-August to early September, our staff visited Tanzania in order to visit school and church projects. 

    One group, comprising 12 German high school students along with their two accompanying teachers,  were actively working at the Karao Adventist Pre-and Primary School, which is now considered their partner school. Their work included beautifying the classrooms, planting saplings in the school's front garden, assessing pupils' health, as well as  playing and singing with the Maasai children. Even the teachers from Karao were able to take part in a week-long ukulele lesson which turned out to be great fun.

    The other group were students from Friedensau Adventist University, who not only visited the bomas in Karao, but also travelled around the area, visiting many smaller villages and interacting with the local population. They helped where they could. Sometimes they distributed food; sometimes, they prayed together. In the evenings, they also had the opportunity to witness to their faith. Many Maasai children and adults attended these occasions. 

    Bathing from buckets, fluctuating electricity, eating simple local food, lots of dust and the cool air in the mornings and evenings are challenging for many Europeans. However, the simplicity and kindness of the Maasai people more than made up for the inconveniences and in retrospect, they found the days thus spent to be a real blessing. Thank you for your prayers, support, and financial assistance.

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