The God of Relationships

  • The God of Relationships

    About the Author 

    Dr. Sakae Kubo was born in Hawaii to Japanese parents on May 8, 1926. He bagged his B.A., M.A., and B.D. degrees from Andrews University; and a Ph.D. in New Testament and Early Christian Literature from the University of Chicago. He also studied for an M.S.L. degree from Western Michigan University. He served the Seventh-day Adventist Church as an astute educator and theologian, writing over eighteen books in the process. Before retiring, he was professor at Andrews University, Walla Walla College, Newbold College, and Union Atlantic College. 

    About the Book 

    This book was published in 1993 by Review and Herald Publishing Association, Hagerstown, MD, and it consists of 160 comprehensive pages. 

    The central thought in this carefully researched work is to give evidence that the gospel can cross the frontiers of race, culture and gender. Professor Kubo notes lucidly that the Christian religion is not just about relationship with the divine but also with humanity. In 21 succinct chapters, he shows how the gospel contour weaves across races, cultures, languages, nationalities, genders, social classes, faith groups, church offices, and other dimensions of human relationships. One important aspect of Kubo’s research is that he doesn’t just dwell with relationships within the Adventist Church, but argues strongly on how we should treat believers in other faiths. 

    At a time when reaching people groups and an increasingly postmodern age with the gospel is almost always difficult, Kubo reminds us that human relationship is a mighty tool in making friends for God. A loving church that treats men and women of differing theological views with dignity and respect will better demonstrate God’s power to redeem and transform than a church without these attributes, no matter how theologically correct its views are. Relationship is as important as doctrinal correctness. 

    This rich manual on relationship is recommended to all those who don’t just want to preach but want to preach in love. 

    Reviewed by John Okpechi