Cooperation with the Czech Union

  • Cooperation with the Czech Union

    Within the framework of the anglophone master’s program “Master of Theological Studies” (MTS) at Friedensau Adventist University, international students can broaden their knowledge in a self-chosen focus, either in a biennial fulltime program or extra-occupational during four years. The master’s program covers biblical studies, systematic theology, historic theology and mission studies.

    After the leader of the institute Dr. László Szabó held a training for the pastors at the Czech Conference in 2018, the union reached out to him and asked for further training programs for their pastors. In cooperation with ThHF, an extra-occupational program was designed, by fashioning the seminars and lectures of the MTS-Studies after the needs of the pastors.

    In regular block weeks and private study, there now is the opportunity to take part in the courses of MTS for broadening and deepening the horizon of knowledge and praxis.